About Us

BleedingCamo caters to the everyday Outdoor adventurer. Whether you love to sky-dive, scuba-dive or anything in between, BleedingCamo wants to be a part of your next adventure and help you tell the world about your love for the Outdoors.

We look to provide our members with the opportunity to share their Outdoor adventures with others through the use of informational blogs, a helpful hint/advice column, and; of course, photos and videos featured in our ‘Outdoor Adventure Gallery’.

In addition to providing a social outlet to our members, we also provide access to some of the major brands that help support every genre of Outdoor activity imaginable; as well as, custom apparel to help show your support to our cause. So remember…

BleedingCamo…when you’re born with the Outdoors in your blood!   “I Bleed Camo, do you?”  #IBleedCamo