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…Dall Ram for sure!

Wanting to do something special for my eldest son, Noah, I decided to partake in a hunting excursion then I’m not normally accustomed to. Noah and I decided to join a group of friends and fellow Outdoorsmen and travel to the beautiful state of West Virginia and visit the staff at Mountain Meadow Hunting Preserve.

Mountain Meadow Hunting Preserve in
Greensville, WV

Mountain Meadow is a high fence hunting preserve and unlike anything i had ever experienced before. I agree that this type of hunting (high fence) is not for everyone and I too had hesitations about it. But when you realize that your hunting zone is over 200+ acres on a 600+ acre property, you soon recognize that it’s not as easy as one is lead to believe.

After receiving some do’s and don’ts from the Mountain Meadow staff, we headed out for what was sure to be a great day. The weather was slated to be rather nice, with blue sky’s and ideal temperatures. Noah had given a lot of thought into which game animal he was looking to pursue and he finally decided on…Dall Ram for sure! Now I had no experience hunting Dall Ram nor had I ever seen one in the flesh…and boy was I excited to finally get the chance to do both. I may have been as excited as my son was but after seeing his face light up when we finally came across a small batch of Rams, I sincerely doubt that.

Mountain Meadow Hunting Preserve offers stellar accommodations and breathtaking views.

Noah had several species to choose from and within each species, several sets of horns to mull over. After going through his normal process of scoping and judging to determine the most mature Ram to harvest, he finally settled on a majestic white Dall Ram. But then ole Mother Nature threw us a curveball…the entire group of Rams…laid down for a nap in the middle of a field. Wow! Now all we could do was just sit back and wait for them to start moving again.

One of the great experiences for any Outdoorsman and the one true advantage to high fence hunting preserves, is the ability to see multiple game species relatively close to one another. Where else would you be able to see Corsican, Hawaiian, and Dall Ram, wild Russian boar, african Watusi, and Red Stag all in the same field…Nowhere! It was truly inspiring to see all these different species of game, mingling in the same field. And it was only made better by sharing it with my son.

After their midday nap was over, the bachelor group of Rams finally stood up and began moving on. Noah and I moved roughly 25 yards to our immediate right so that we could gain a better angle when the Rams emerged from the tree line that had slipped into. Ranged at 102 yards, my son used a shooting stick to steady his Remington 742, chambered in 30-06 Springfield, and waited for the perfect opportunity to present itself.

As the group of rams slowly made their way through the wooded fields edge, Noah’s Ram started to separate himself from the rest of the bunch. Patiently and methodically, Noah moved himself into the ideal position and focused the Burris 3x9x40mm scope on his target. Waiting till all background targets had cleared, Noah finally clicked off the safety and waited for the right moment…

BCOA Field Staff N. Forstner with his beautiful Dall Ram.

Noah has always been an excellent shot and this time proved no different. He placed the 150gr round perfectly behind the shoulder and we could instantly see the Ram starting to wobble. After a few minutes and not wanting the game to suffer, I recommended that he discharge another round to humanely dispatch of the ram. Both my sons and I have the utmost respect for any/all game species and strive to hunt “respectfully and ethically“. The Ram hadn’t moved more than 5′ from where he was originally shot. Now that makes for an easy tracking job for sure…

After retrieving our harvest, Noah and I took a few photos with the help of our guide and started to reflect on the experience. I couldn’t have asked for a better day and trip overall and always consider myself blessed when I can share these kinds of memories with my family. God is good.

Noah is an active contributor to the BCOA Field Editing team, an avid Outdoorsman and will be pursuing a degree in Wildlife Management next Fall.

Be sure to check in regularly for more of Noah and other Field Editor’s adventures. Make sure to video or write about your latest adventure and submit it to our staff and we’ll do our best to send you some Bleeding Camo swag. Bleeding Camo Outdoor Adventures …when you’re born with the Outdoors in your Blood! I Bleed Camo, Do you?

Outdoor Adventures by Land

…better to be lucky than good.


I had several large Whitetail bucks and Sika stags on camera at this stand location. The weather was not ideal- 80* and a South East wind- BUT it was opening day of early muzzleloader in Maryland and I didn’t take off work to sit inside. So I went to my stand in the morning and saw ZERO deer, which is very odd as I usually see 20+ deer per sit.

Discouraged a bit, I went back in a little later than normal that afternoon. By 5:45 I texted a buddy who was hunting up the street, that I hadn’t seen any deer. I had just noticed the wind swirling in the wrong direction and I figured I was probably done for the evening. You can imagine my surprise when at 5:55pm, I looked up and saw this giant standing in a thicket at 30 yards, looking my direction…

As he put his head down to walk in, I raised my firearm… but he stopped when I was only halfway to my cheek! After what seemed to be an eternity (probably 10 seconds in realtime), he relaxed and continued to walk in further. He finally gave me a slightly quartering-to shot at 17 yards with my trusted CVA Accura. He lumbered roughly 40 yards before splashing in a watery ditch like a kid screaming “Cannon Ball” as he explodes into a swimming pool.

Seventeen (17) scorable points and by far my biggest deer to-date. Looking forward to the official scoring when he returns from the taxidermist.

I realized after-the-fact that I had trail camera photos of him but didn’t realize how big he was.

I feel very lucky, considering the weather AND wind were against me. Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. Author- C. Shields

C. Shields is an active member of the Bleeding Camo Field Editor Staff . Shields enjoys the Eastern Shore of Maryland for his Outdoor Adventures and is particularly fond of chasing ducks in the swamps, also commonly known to have large populations of Sika and Whitetails.

Be sure to look for more from Shields and other Field Editors here at www.BleedingCamo.com …when you’re born with the Outdoors in your Blood!

Outdoor Adventures by Land

It all starts with the first one…

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to once again try to help my brother-in-law Sid Smith (DailyOutdoorsman.com) tag out his first archery White-tail. Sid just recently decided to help his family in a few ways when he developed an interest in hunting, as a way to provide supplement to his family’s table. Of course there is an obvious financial savings but for the Smith’s, it was about reducing the amount of processing their food receives before it reaches their table. Sid had asked me to assist with his transition into the woods and help provide some insight.
Sid had four previous tries foiled by one factor or another but with the slight temperature changes; in addition, to the early stages of Rut, his chances were very good for another shot at the all important…#1.
Sid had arrived slightly ahead of our prearranged 5:30am meeting time. Anxious for another shot no doubt! My eldest son, Noah, was tagging along this particular morning and would prove to be an asset later on making a total of 3 heading in. Sid was the first to reach his destination. After some “Good Luck’s”, Noah and I continued on. We were hunting in a line, making it possible to cover a larger area and maximizing one of the Hunters chances. Noah was dropped of next with me continuing farther down the hill and slightly upstream. In hind sight, the stand picks were pretty spot on, as everyone had movement and several opportunities.
Around quarter-till 9a, I received a text from Sid who stated his was…”95% sure he had a solid hit” on his 1st White-tail. I was excited but the ‘95%’ scared me. I wasn’t sure how to respond. Then another text, “…make that 2 does”. Say what? 2 does? In the beginning of Rut? No, had to have misunderstood what he was saying. As I was sitting and thinking about how to proceed with the given information, I heard my son throw a few Buck grunts out. After adjusting my focus up the hillside towards my son, I noticed movement in the thicket. It was a small 4 point Buck. My son was trying to lure him up the hill for a shot. It appeared to be out of range for my son and not quite what I’m looking for, so he was getting a free pass today. But as he walked by at 12 yards, I noticed a limp. He was moving slowly and gently, really nursing the injury. There was part of me looking for Mercy but being a younger Buck, I felt he would still have a good chance of recovery. I was intently watching until he left my sight but was uneasy with my choice. It would prove to be the right one…
After meeting up with Noah and Sid around midday, Sid showed me where he had tracked blood leading towards …the area where I was hunting! I asked a few questions regarding what we might be looking for and the general reaction of the deer after the shot. I felt pretty confident we were looking for a downed deer. This was exciting, Sid had tried four previous times with no success but ultimately with some valuable knowledge. We began tracking in the last area where I had seen the 4 pointer. As luck would have it, I was dead-on with my assessment. He was down. The shot proved to be slightly further back than anticipated. But because it was a quartering away angle, it did the job. Success!! Now for another first in Sid’s amateur hunting career…Field Dressing 101

Please look for the next post detailing Sid’s first attempt at Field Dressing 101…
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Outdoor Adventures by Land

Brighten your Yard!

Brighten your yard this winter with the help of wild birds
(BPT) – Bright colors aren’t often associated with winter — but they can be. In fact, a backyard full of beautiful colors and cheerful chirps may be just a few feedings away.
If you’ve never fed wild birds before, winter is the perfect time to get started. Opening up your backyard to birds during the coldest months of the year means you are helping sustain them during a time when food and water are scarce.
“The winter months are especially tough on birds,” says Seth Estep, vice president and divisional merchandise manager at Tractor Supply Company. “By providing them with a clean water source and food to eat, you’ll not only enjoy seeing far more of them in your garden, but you’ll also be helping them survive and thrive at a time when their natural resources are being threatened.”
If you’re interested in turning your backyard into a hotspot for birds this winter, consider these tips from the experts at Tractor Supply Co.:
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Outdoor Adventures by Land

5 Cornerstones of an unforgettable African travel experience!

5 cornerstones of an unforgettable African travel experience
(BPT) – If you love to travel, chances are you have a bucket list filled with once-in-a-lifetime destinations you simply cannot wait to visit, whether you dream of exploring the homeland of your ancestors, cities renowned for their culinary feats, or a place known for its wildlife.
If your focus is the latter, no bucket list is complete without an authentic African safari that provides the opportunity to step into the native habitats of Africa’s big five animals, rare birds, and great apes. If this type of intimate animal experience is on your must-do travel list, here are five reasons Uganda is the perfect destination for your African adventure.
You can get up close and personal with mountain gorillas and chimpanzees
Uganda is home to more than half the world’s population of endangered mountain gorillas, and trekking to see these majestic creatures in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is a top bucket list item for nature enthusiasts. The country is also a prime location for those hoping to catch sight of chimpanzees, as Budongo Forest Reserve is home to 700 of these playful primates, including three groups that have been habituated and can be visited by humans.
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Outdoor Adventures by Land

2016 Junior Hunt Weekend ends with…Redemption! Part 2

After overcoming major disappointment with the missed Sika stag, we (my brother, son, and I) decided it was lunchtime. Our destination was the usual…Cindy’s. If anyone is familiar with the Cambridge, MD area, Cindy’s embodies all that is good in a local diner. The food is fantastic, the wait staff makes you feel at home, and the prices are fair. Couple this with the ambiance of fellow Outdoorsmen spinning their proverbial yarns and anyone can see the subtle pleasures of eating at such an establishment. While eating, my son had to endure some gentle ribbing from his Uncle and I, if only to encourage him to re-gather himself for the remaining time on the farm. My son understood that there was entirely too much hunting left to wallow in the misery of the past.

Returning from lunch, Noah and I decided to sit the same stand as the morning. Maybe the stag would make a return visit. But the evening was truly…uneventful to say the least. There was always tomorrow.

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Outdoor Adventures by Land

2016 Junior Hunt Weekend ends with…Redemption! Part 1

2016 Junior hunt weekend started off great. It was Saturday morning and my brother and I were taking my 13 year old son Whitetail deer hunting in Dorchester County, MD. My brother and I, like many others, have been involved in Outdoor adventures practically our whole lives. My father was an avid hunter, fishermen, and general Outdoorsman and brought us up with a sense of the Outdoors being part of us and we a part of it. Always looking to give back to her in any way, Mother Earth is as much my creator as my own two parents.

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